Continuous Casting Machine Solutions

ABAX is dedicated to the design of innovative continuous casting machines for steel-producers around the world. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most advanced caster for long products, which allows to produce steel-billets and blooms in the most cost-effective way.

Experts in Minimill Technology

ABAX is an engineering company  supplying engineering and equipment in the field of steelmaking.

The main business is concentrated on billet & bloom or slab casters. 



ABAX has been established in 2002 as ABAX SARL in Strasbourg France.

Today, the company`s international operations include ASTEC in Luoyang China, ABAX-Turkey and TCI in Aliaga Turkey, and are supported by a network of representatives worldwide.

We are actively engaged in the development of high speed XXL-moulds.
Advanced developments of robotic solutions for all operational activities with safety-concerns are in progress.

So far ABAX has successfully executed more than 30 caster-projects worldwide.


Your Continuous Casting Technology Partner Since 2002

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Address Aliaga Organizyon Sanayi Bolgesi Izmir Turkey

Email info@abax.com.tr

Phone +90 232 616 4849